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GREEN AGAVE headboard
green agave headboard a

This luxury headboard can be yours in just a couple of weeks if the demand hasn’t taken them all  from the stock. Its aqua tone should blend with any favourite colour  for your bed linen. At the side of the bed I can imagine our reclaimed elm bedside


Product Description

What a stylish chevron headboard.  How perfect on a Sunday morning to rest against its warm hugging texture.

This headboard has a fibreboard structure with plywood reinforcing. Its softening core is a squiggy flame retardant foam, covered over with a luxurious aqua velvet with diagonal stitching.

Dimensions:  Height 1800 mm x Width 1570 mm x Depth 100 mm

This is usually a stock item but it may be worth checking on the chat button if you are in a hurry. Average delivery times are ten working days. Some delicate items are transferred to our special wrapping section to ensure they arrive safely and have the disappointment of arriving  damaged eliminated. This sometimes takes an extra couple of days but worth the wait for the enjoyment of a lifetime.


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