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Natalie Palmer-Sutton

Graphic Artist & so much more. . .


Designed many logos in the past… particularly fond of hand-designed typography. I use Photoshop, indesign, a pencil and the traditional pen & ink ( the dippy one).

Art Director:

Above the line: Tv, Print, Digital, outdoor & Social Media.

Below the line: Online content, print, mail packs, social media.

Day to day: Conceptual based brainstorming, writing scripts presenting ideas to clients and crafting the work.

Worked with the very awesome Eric Terchila. He has flown back to New York now. 🙁

Clients: Dove, Comfort, Hellmanns, Snuggle, Greenpeace, Peugeot, Citroën, Nivea Men, DS Automobiles, Labello


From scamp to crafted ad, soft pencil to violent ink-splats, I love to do it.


My background as an Avid Editor at Ogilvy has allowed me pop together little ads & mood films when the mood takes me. Very useful to sell an idea in.


I dabble in this in the early hours and have taught myself Adobe After-Effects.


Original textured abstract artist: have sold many paintings through galleries and private clients. My work hangs in Tin-Pan Alley London, a favourite haunt of the Beatles…one of them still pops in from time to time.