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Kensington Gilders

Gold Leaf Gilding Specialists

Gilding is a great way to make a striking appearance, it will always complement the latest style or trendsetting nuance. It is impervious to the wind and rain and always radiates elegance and sophistication in the right setting.

Internally or externally, classical or contemporary, gold leaf always sets the tone and we as artisans and craftsmen are happy to provide our clients, residential or commercial with the finest examples of our trade.

Hand Painted Artwork

Kensington Gilders are first and foremost gilding specialists. Although amongst our varied and talented team we have artists and signwriters of the highest caliber. Their work has been a complementary string to our bow and a wonderful add-on to our existing gold leaf service.

Gilded Sign Writing

Whether it’s a simple shop fascia sign or a monumental tower bearing your corporate name and logo it’s the first impression that counts, we believe your sign is a representation of the quality of your business. That’s why Kensington Gilders takes pride in making your first impression the right one.