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Great British Designers – Who are we?
We are a design community bringing together anyone who is creative or specialises in a creative trade.  Our mission is to build a network of those who make a difference by improving others lives either visually or practically through design of the home, workspace or community recreational areas.  Each business or individual who joins our expanding team will be able to identify themselves as one of the Great British Designers.


Becoming a Great British Designer Affiliate – What are the benefits?
1.  You can meet fellow designers and clients in our stunning showroom to showcase your skills
2.  We provide a selling platform linked directly to your own website, also allowing you to access specialists, contractors and bespoke manufacturers
3.  You will benefit from trade discounts which will increase with time.  The more you sell, the larger your discounts become.  See Trade Terms.


If you are interested click the Join Our Community button below and complete the form to become an affiliate.  Become one of the Great British Designers and get your own website, shop and office showroom in one.  Build your business without the costs of the high street.


Please note that not all designers and specialist contractors listed here are affiliates or officially One of the Great British Designers.  Only those whose names link directly to their own page are genuine Great British Designers.

Specialist Contractors