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Interior Designers

Interior Design – the design and co-ordination of the decorative elements of the interior of a house, apartment, office or other structural space, including colour schemes, fittings, furnishings and sometimes architectural features.

·                     Area·                     Name
·                     Dorset·                     Keeley Fox
·                     Essex·                     Sangeeta Goyal
·                     Guildford·                     Lee-Anne Weait
·                     Hertfordshire·                     Jenny Junior
·                     Kent·                     Araminta Louis
·                     Leicester·                     Paulina Stelmach
·                     Leicester·                     Zuzanna Lubera
·                     London·                     Wise Owl Interiors
·                     London·                     Golzar Sadat
·                     London·                     Phase Zero
·                     London·                     Charles Edwards
·                     London·                     K H Interiors
·                     London·                     Justin Mercy Kelita
·                     London·                     Robert Way
·                     London·                     Tricia Holmes
·                     Manchester·                     Tom Noonan
·                     Newcastle Upon Tyne·                     Karolina Brzozowska
·                     Peebles·                     Abbie Smith
·                     Portsmouth·                     Katherine Geer
·                     Reading·                     Jade Haley
·                     Southend-On-Sea·                     Hollie Lynn
·                     Surrey·                     Michael Sandford
·                     Sussex·                     Sian Bligh
·                     West Midlands·                     Anjum Fahad