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About us

In 1969, Robert Way started an Interior Design business – The Home Market.  He has worked on many homes and hotels over the years, designed and imported furniture.  The Home Market was also a shop in Woodford Green, with a web shop.

A couple of years ago Robert came up with a new concept.  A community of designers and specialist contractors working together and becoming a ‘Design Community’.  He moved premises from the small shop in Woodford Green, to a massive barn in Epping.  This barn is now known as ‘One of the Great British Designers Showroom’.

Realising that many interior designers tend to work from home and cannot afford a workspace or showroom of their own, Robert wanted to change this.  Following the passing of his wife, Robert realised more than ever the importance of community – so in a way, this is her legacy.

The showroom is a free workspace where designers and contractors can bring clients – creating a design community.  A space where people can come together, learn from each other and enhance each others’ lives.

Interior designers, contractors and the general public can visit the showroom.  Designers can use the showroom as a workspace and a place to entertain clients.  Those designers that do this will become ‘One of the Great British Designers’.